Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail.


   The people of the United States have enjoyed a freedom unprecedented in the history of the world. Consider that for a moment:  For centuries, our countrymen have had the freedom and liberty to decide for themselves how they would live their lives and then act on those decisions and chart the course of their own choosing..


     As with all civilizations, we have stumbled; and we will stumble in the future, but unlike other civilizations, at our core we hold that we are all endowed by our Creator and by nature’s law with certain unalienable rights.


     To say that we have a right means nothing unless we do our part to secure and maintain those rights. For me, the best way I can secure my rights, freedom and liberty is to be self-reliant.


     The more reliant we are on anything the less we possess the means to live without that thing. The fear of service disruption in our civilization has led to the 'prepper' movement. The shortfall of 'prepping' alone is that the action prepares us for an event, not for what comes after the event. To say, "I possess a stockpile of this item", prepares me for an event; to say, "I have a supply of this item, and I know how to plant, build, create additional items." makes me self-reliant.


     Once we possess the knowledge of how to plant, build or create a thing, no one can ever take that away from us and with the knowledge of how to be self-reliant we secure for ourselves the rights that our freedom and liberty allow.


     In this website I will endeavor to teach the knowledge I've acquired over the years as well as all the things I have yet to understand to all those who want to learn.