The Muzzleloading Safety & Shooting Course teaches the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to the safe and efficient use of a muzzleloading rifle and safe handling and use of black powder and muzzleloading firearms including Flintlock, Caplock and In-Line are learned.

The full course is 12 hours in length and includes classroom instruction and time on a range shooting a muzzleloading rifle, shotgun and pistols. Students will learn safe gun handling, gun parts, loading and unloading, shooting, cleaning, shooting from a standing position and shooting from a crossed stick position, continued opportunities for skill development.

Students will learn:



•Safe gun handling

•Various rifles,pistols and shotgun, their parts and function



•Shooting Fundamentals


•Range rules

•Various shooting positions

•Cleaning the rifles, pistols and shotgun.

•Opportunities and training exercises to help you continue your skills development and reinforce all that you have learned in class.

Cost - $250.00  

In person training will be at:

Shooters Paradise of Oxnard

1910 Sunkist Cir. Oxnard, CA 93033

Range time will be at:

Ojai Valley Gun Club

Rose Valley Rd. Ojai, CA 93023