Objective: The Rifle Safety & Shooting Course is designed to teach the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for owning and using a Rifle safely. The course is perfect for the new Rifle owner and serves as an introductory course for more advanced hunting or competition rifle match training. The basics of marksmanship are the lifelong building blocks for many other hunting or shooting sports. The goal of the Rifle Safety & Shooting course is to familiarize you with the correct operation and maintenance all types of Rifles, along with teaching you how to handle and shoot them safely.

The course will be approximately 12 hour course. Depending on the class size and ability, the lesson time may be adjusted to assure sufficient repetitions to develop skills.

Students will learn:



•Safe gun handling

•Various rifles, their parts and function



•Shooting Fundamentals


•Range rules

•Various shooting positions

•Cleaning the rifle

•Opportunities and training exercises to help you continue your skills development and reinforce all that you have learned in class.

Cost - $200.00  

This cost is all inclusive.  There are no additional fees, ammo fees or range fees. All you need to bring is a great attitude and a desire to learn!

In person training will be at:

Shooters Paradise of Oxnard

1910 Sunkist Cir.

Oxnard, CA 93033